Sahara Product Beta Testing

Welcome to Try Sahara!

As a woman-owned  and mom-founded company, we want to create products that are helpful to you and makes sense to you as parents.  We strive to make the product better and more useful for you.  We believe, parents and caretakers to be our best guide in bringing useful products for you.
We need your help - please sign up here to lend your voice to our product development.  Read more to understand how it works and what's in it for you!

How it works...

As part of the final stages of our product launch, we are looking for genuine and honest opinion about our product, Sahara.
We really want to hear from you as to what you loved about our product and what you didn't.  We want to know about the features that worked best for you and your child.  Let us know how you used Sahara and what you liked and more importantly what can be improved.
Sign-up here and if you qualify for the testing phase, we will email you the discount code and a special link to purchase the product during trial period.
We ask that you try the product for 1 month and then we will email you a survey asking for your feedback.  Any photos or videos you want to share with us is highly appreciated to help us truly understand your feedback.

What's in it for you...

If you sign up now, we will send you a 50% discount coupon for purchasing the product.  As you use the product, we are here for you via email to answer any questions.  After we receive your detailed feedback, we will send you an Amazon gift card as a thank you gift. 

Spread the word...

If you like our product, spread the word about us!  Please share on ,  , , to let your friends and relatives know.
Please email for any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Tara Pandit
Founder & CEO,
Anjadeer LLC