About Us

Anjadeer was created by a mom who understands the fears and stress of parenting.

Founder and CEO

After working in software R&D for 15 years, Tara learned the value of balancing product efficiency, performance, and qualities. Despite loving her time in the field, juggling a corporate career with two young children always kept her on her toes.

But she loved her children more. In wanting to be a full-time mom to her wonderful kids, she innovated several handmade products for their safety because she couldn't find products in stores that were high-quality enough or worked well. Investing energy into her products helped her overpower her fears regarding parenting and childcare, and when she saw how successful her products were, she decided to start a business to provide the absolute best innovation to other children as well.
Her company's first product,  Sahara Nap, is a multi-layer safety-tested neck pillow designed for maximum comfort and safety in the car for young children. In Kannada, the word "Sahara" means support, indicative of the product's time-tested, thoroughly-designed, and intentional changes with the capacity to elevate the way kids sleep in cars altogether. This product is based on what she built for her son in the photo below.

JayanthPrototypeCombining her experiences of parenting and designing problem-solving innovations, Tara leverages her unique knowledge base to build products that cater to the safety and comfort of children. At the heart of this goal is her desire to reduce the fear and anxiety of parents and the name Anjadeer, which in Kannada (a South Indian language), means "Don't be afraid!" This word also spells parts of her kids' names, which grounds the mission of the company in ultimately helping children with its mission: to reduce the fear and stress in parenting with products focused on comfort, connectivity, and safety of children.

She doesn't claim to make parenting stress-free, but she does claim to make children’s comfort and safety her priority.  With Sahara Nap – Tara is taking her first steps toward fulfilling her company's mission.  Looking forward to safer children and happier parents.

Anjadeer: safe children, happier parents.