Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Anjadeer" mean?

  • Anjadeer is derived from a South Indian language; the Kannada word, Anjadiru, means don't be afraid. The name reflects the company's mission to "reduce the fear and stress of parenting" with products focused on the comfort, connectivity, and safety of children. 


What does "Sahara" mean?

  • Sahara means "support." Our first product is Sahara Nap, a head and neck support pillow. It provides support for children's heads and necks when they are riding in cars, strollers, airplanes, etc
    • First, Sahara Nap provides neck support for the child while seated in a car, stroller, bouncer, airplane, or any seat.
    • Second, when the child naps on these seats, the Sahara Nap pillow provides head support on both sides to prevent the head from drooping/slouching down as the vehicle moves. It provides an undisturbed sleep for your child. Hence, the name "Sahara."
  • The patented design provides a headrest and neck rest. It is the best anti-roll support pillow for toddlers and older children.

     What are the various parts of Sahara Nap?

    • Sahara Nap has these essential parts:
      • Outer cover for softness and a comfortable feel for your child's neck and cheeks.
      • Inner cover for waterproof protection of the foam inside.
      • The pillow's core is made from memory foam for softness and comfort.
      • Support cushion on both sides provides head support to reduce head slumping and stress on the neck
      • Optional embedded Bluetooth Speaker secured inside the inner cover pockets.
      • The outer cover has a cute vehicle print design, making this children's pillow attractive to kids of all ages.


     What materials are used in Sahara Nap?

    • The outer cover is a soft minky fabric perfect for children.
    • The inner cover is 100% polyester, meant to be water-resistant to protect the pillow core.
    • The core of the pillow is made of memory foam that provides firm support
    • Bluetooth Speaker has plastic on the outside with electronics sealed inside. 


    What makes Sahara Nap unique and better than other products in the market?

    • Sahara Nap has been specifically designed with our patented front support cushions that support the child when they nap. None of the other products in the market have this feature. Sahara Nap is the best head and neck support pillow designed for toddlers and children.
    • Sahara Nap has been carefully designed to prevent the child's neck from leaning forward. When used correctly, the Sahara Nap design ensures that the child is more comfortable without obstructing the working of the seat that they are sitting on.
    • Sahara Nap's design does not cause the head to be pushed forward, which is a common problem in other products in the market.
    • The high-quality memory foam used in Sahara Nap softens the pressure points making it much more comfortable for the child than standard foam used in other children's products. This provides the ideal support that is firm but soft.
    • Sahara Nap has an optional Bluetooth speaker, which is unavailable in any other children's product. 


    Concerned about the impact on seat operations?

    • Sahara Nap has been designed for use in various seats, including strollers, cars, bouncers, airplane seats, etc.
    • Anjadeer has consulted with professionals and considered various factors for using Sahara Nap safely with typical seats in the market today. Our patented design considers the safety of the child in all the parts of the product as listed below:
      • Sahara Nap does not hinder the working of any seat because it does not attach to the seat directly or connect to the seat's shoulder straps. See correct usage instructions for Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow to ensure the seat's normal operations are not hindered when used correctly.
      • Sahara Nap's neck cushion is designed to ensure it is appropriately tucked in behind the neck to prevent the head from leaning forward away from the seat. See correct usage instructions for Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow to ensure the child's head is appropriately rested on the seat when used correctly.
      • A child's head or body is not prevented from its natural movement because Sahara Nap provides a cushion in the front and sides that support their heads and cheeks when children nap in any seat and stroller. Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow are held in place by just its positioning; no external straps are necessary and should not be used with this product.
      • Sahara Nap has passed the safety and compliance tests successfully, as ASTM and CPSC standards required for children's products.
    • In designing Sahara Nap, as a mom and as Anjadeer's founder, I have also considered parents' concerns about their child's safety when buying new products for their kids. For example :
      • Materials used for Sahara Nap are fire-retardant, and the product's cushion cover doesn't become hot when used in cars and strollers during the hot summer months.
      • The optional embedded Bluetooth Speaker keeps the volume low for little children and away from their reach, safely tucked away in the back of the pillow. Parents/caretakers should operate the Bluetooth Speaker, including charging it when needed, pairing it with their phones, and playing age-appropriate content.


     How can you clean Sahara Nap?

    • Only the Outer Cover is meant to be washed directly after removing it from the pillow and the inner cover. It can be machine-washed or hand washed and must be fully dried before use.
    • Remove the Outer Cover by unstrapping the Velcro at the top of the Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow.
    • Wash/dry the Outer Cover just like any children's cotton clothes.
    • After washing and drying, put the Outer Cover back on top of the Inner Pillow and fasten the Velcro straps before using Sahara Nap.
    • The inner cover may be wiped dry for any spillage; while it is water-resistant, it is not waterproof (i.e., you should not soak it in water or other liquids). The Outer cover must always cover the inner cover while Sahara Nap is being used.
    • The inner cover may also contain the optional Bluetooth Speaker. The inner cover is not waterproof, and the electronics/batteries of the Bluetooth Speaker should not get wet.


     How to correctly and safely use Sahara Nap?

    • Sahara Nap is meant for children aged three years and above.
    • It is meant to be used by children seated upright while riding in a car, a stroller, or any seat. It may also be used when children are seated in airplane seats.
    • Sahara Nap is not meant for children in horizontal sleeping positions in seats and beds.
    • See the pictures below for the correct positioning of the child & the Sahara Nap:


    • Keep the following requirements in mind when correctly using Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow:
      • Sahara Nap must be placed and tucked behind the neck of the child so that the child's head is touching/resting directly on the seat or the stroller's backrest.
      • Sahara Nap's front cushions should be evenly positioned on the child's shoulders.
      • Sahara Nap's front cushions should be next to the cheeks of the child, close to the face on either side. Sahara Nap should be close enough on either side but not necessarily directly touching the cheeks when the child is awake.
      • When the child is napping, the front cushions should touch the cheeks to ensure the head is still straight, preventing the neck from tilting too much and causing soreness.
      • The child's head or body should not be prevented from moving front-to-back or side-to-side using Sahara Nap. Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow should only be held in place due to its shape; no external straps should be used with this product.


     Is Sahara Nap tested for safety?

    • Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow, including the optional Bluetooth Speaker, has passed the safety and compliance requirements specified by the ASTM &CPSC standards and is Certified by SGS. 


    Why do we need the optional Sahara Nap's embedded Bluetooth Speaker?

    • From our own experience with our kids, we know kids sometimes get bored on long car drives, and music/audio stories help them be entertained or help them go to sleep with songs.
    • Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker can be used to entertain kids while they are using Sahara Nap. It is an optional add-on for parents who play music/other audio for their kids in the car or stroller.
    • This feature also enables parents to have their music in the car and pair a separate mobile device for the child using Sahara Nap. A win-win situation for the parents to listen to their favorite music/audiobooks and for the child to listen to their audio.
    • For younger kids, it can also be used to play a calming lullaby to help them sleep while the family is traveling in long car rides.
    • Here are the safety features of Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • The volume-limiting speakers are configured not to play the audio very loudly.
      • The kids can't reach the controls while they are using Sahara Nap as per usage instructions.
    • Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker must be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled Audio /Multimedia Device such as a modern cell phone. However, when pairing your Bluetooth audio device with Sahara Nap, please don't use the same Device where you may also get car navigation directions or phone calls, as these sounds may disturb the child's nap or entertainment, and the adult drivers may not hear it from back seat Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow's Bluetooth Speaker.


    How do you use Sahara Nap's embedded Bluetooth Speaker?

    • Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker can be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled Multimedia Device such as a modern Smartphone or tablet.
    • Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker has three buttons and a charging port, as shown in the picture below:
    • Instructions to turn ON/OFF Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Press the middle button for 1 - 2 seconds to turn the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker ON. You will hear the audio that says that the Device is turned on.
      • Press and hold the middle button for 1 - 2 seconds to turn OFF the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker. You will hear the audio that says that the Device is turned off.
    • Instructions to turn ON Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker in pairing mode:
      • Press and hold the middle button of the Bluetooth Speaker for 3 - 4 seconds.
      • The LED will turn ON in the blinking mode, alternately flashing RED and BLUE. This mode allows you to pair the Device with a Smartphone or tablet.
    • Instructions for pairing with the Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Once the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker is turned ON in the pairing mode, as explained above, you have to pair the Bluetooth Speaker with your Device. For this, refer to the instructions of your Bluetooth-enabled Multimedia Device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) on how to turn on pairing mode.
      • Pair your Bluetooth-enabled Multimedia Device with the Bluetooth Speaker listed as BT-01 in the Bluetooth device list to pair with.
      • Once you are paired, you will hear a beep from the Bluetooth Speaker.
      • After that, you can play any music/show on your Device for your child's enjoyment.
      • You only need to pair it to your Device once. Next time you wish to connect to Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker, turn the Bluetooth Speaker ON, and the connection will establish automatically.
    • Instructions for disconnecting Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Turning off the Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker will disconnect it from your Bluetooth-enabled Multimedia Device.
      • If you want your Device/Smartphone to forget/erase its pairing with Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker, refer to your Device/Smartphone for instructions to "un-pair" or "forget" Bluetooth connections.
    • Instructions for playing Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Click the middle button of the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker once to play the audio.
    • Instructions for pausing and resuming Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Click the middle button of the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker once to pause the player.
      • Clicking the middle button of the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker again will resume the paused player.
    • Instructions for controlling the Volume Level of Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Press and hold the plus (+) button on the right side of the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker to increase the volume.
      • Press and hold the minus (-) button on the left side of the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker to reduce/decrease the volume.
      • The volume can also be controlled on the Bluetooth-enabled Multimedia Device with which Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker is paired.
    • Instructions for controlling the track:
      • Click the plus (+) button to go to the next track—for example, the next song in the playlist.
      • Click the minus (-) button to go to the previous track—for example, the previous song in the playlist.
    • Instructions for charging the Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker:
      • Unfasten the Velcro strap at the back of Sahara Nap's Outer Cover.
      • Remove Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker from the Inner Cover of the Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow.
      • Connect the mini-USB cable to Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker's charging port.
      • Connect the other end of the mini-USB cable to your power source (either a wall outlet device, a portable USB charger, or your computer).
      • Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker's LED will turn RED to indicate that the Device is being charged.
      • When the Speaker is fully charged, the LED light will turn off. At this point, remove the mini-USB cable and secure the Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker back inside the pockets of the Inner Cover and close the Velcro strap on the Outer Cover of the Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow.
      • For safety reasons, do not charge the Sahara Nap's Bluetooth Speaker inside the Inner Cover or the Outer Cover of the Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow. Always remove it outside the coverings before charging.


    What are the features and specifications of the Sahara Nap Bluetooth Speaker?

    • Superior stereo sound with active noise canceling provides high-quality sound for your enjoyment.
    • The embedded Speaker plays at a reduced volume for your kid's safe listening at a maximum volume of 73db.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery for about 6 hours of continuous playtime and stand-by time of 18 hours.
    • The charging time is 2 hours.
    • The charging input is DC 5V (USB.)
    • Universal compatibility to quickly pair with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and other Bluetooth devices.
    • Compliant as per FCC rules and Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, BQB, and SGS.


    What are the age limits of the children who can use Sahara Nap Head and Neck Support Pillow?

    • Sahara Nap is meant to be used for kids ages three years and above.
    • However, in addition to the child's age, the key requirement is for the child to sit up straight in the stroller, bouncer, or any seat, and Sahara Nap is a safe and comfortable fit.


    What is the "Try Sahara" Campaign?

    • "Try Sahara" was the beta testing campaign to get initial feedback about our first product, Sahara Nap.
    • We are always looking for a limited number of parents/guardians to try our product(s) for their children. 


    How does "Try Sahara" work?

    • "Try Sahara" is a simple three-step process:
      • When the campaign is active, you sign-up on an advertised link providing basic information about yourself so we can see if you fit the criteria for our Beta Testing.
      • If you fit the criteria, we will send you a product link and a 50% discount code to purchase the product.
      • Use the product and give us your feedback about the product. We will send a gift card as a thank you for your time.
      • You keep the product as-is with the understanding that it is a Beta Test version and under no warranty or support agreements from Anjadeer, LLC.


    Why do we do beta testing?

    • Anjadeer wants to create products that are helpful to your kids and makes sense to you as parents.
    • We strive to make the product better and more useful for you before our full public launch.
    • We believe parents, guardians, and caretakers of young kids are our best guides in bringing useful products for you and your family.
    • We want to listen to you, hear/learn from your experiences using the product and understand what makes it easy for you and what features you like.
    • We want to see what makes it fun and comfortable for your kids.
    • Beta Testing is our way to listen to you while you "Try Sahara."


    What are our next steps after beta testing?

    • After beta testing, these are the steps we do:
      • Incorporate any feedback into our design and the manufacturing process.
      • Send the updated product for any required formal testing and certifications.
      • Get your help to spread the good word to our future customers.
      • Open up our online store for parents and kids everywhere to enjoy the good experience you had in Beta Testing and get the benefits from your feedback on the improved product version.


    What are the future product lines from Anjadeer?

    • Please stay tuned as we have more innovative products in the works.