About Us

Anjadeer was created by a mom who understands the fears and stress of parenting.

Founder and CEO








After working in the software field for over 15 years and specifically in software R&D for several of those years, I know the value of thinking in terms of efficiency, performance, and qualities of a product.  Juggling a corporate career with two young children always kept me on my toes, I loved what I did in the software field.
But I loved my children a lot more.  I wanted to be a full time mom to my wonderful kids and through the process, I innovated several handmade products for their use because I couldn't find products in the stores that were good enough and worked well.  I always felt my solutions worked so much better than store bought ones.  My passion to provide the absolute best for my children drove me to start this company recently, so I can provide innovative products to other kids also.
My company's first product, Sahara Nap, Neck Pillow for children is based on what I built for my own son in the photo below.


Using my real life experiences, I am building products that cater to the safety and comfort of children.  Based on my career experiences, I strive to provide innovative & practical solutions to reduce the fear and anxiety of parents.  The very name Anjadeer is derived from a Kannada (South Indian Language) word that means don't be afraid!  Anjadeer also spells parts of my kids' names to constantly remind me the mission of this company:
"Reduce the fear and stress in parenting with products focused on comfort, connectivity, and safety of children."

We don't claim to make parenting stress-free, but we do claim to make children’s comfort and safety our priority.  With Sahara Nap – we are taking our first steps towards fulfilling our mission.  Looking forward to safer children and happier parents.